Claim Avios and Tier Credits

Please complete the form below to claim Avios and Tier Credits for flights flown in the last three months. Don’t forget - Avios and Tier Credits are automatically credited to your account if you include your AerClub number at the time of booking.


• Your first name and surname on the booking must be the same as the first name and surname in your AerClub profile for an award to be processed successfully. You can find contact details to request a change to your AerClub profile here
• You will not be awarded Avios or Tier Credits until after you have flown
• Tier Credits and Avios can only be claimed for flights flown by individual members
• Flights on AerClub partner airlines are not eligible for Tier Credits. Avios may take up to 6 weeks to credit to your account for partner airline flights
• Flights that have flown prior to joining AerClub are not eligible for Tier Credits
• If you want to claim for missing Avios from AerClub non-airline partners, please go to the missing Avios section on
How to make a claim
Claims can only be made for flights that have flown within the last 3 months. All necessary information can be found on your Booking Confirmation email or on your ticket.

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